5 Top Tourist Attractions in Louisiana

Most of the tourist attractions in Louisiana are located within and around New Orleans. The city of New Orleans is home of rich Creole culture and the yearly Mardis Gras celebration. Here are the 5 top attractions to visit while touring Louisianan

  1. The French Quarter of New Orleans
    The French Quarter section of New Orleans is known for its beautiful buildings were built 300 years ago. Balconies made of wrought iron extending over dozens of tourist sidewalks make it an unforgettable neighborhood of New Orleans. The Bourbon Street is always lively with year-round live music and hordes of tourists.
  2. National World War II Museum
    Take yourself back in history and experience the aspects of the biggest conflict in recent human history by visiting New Orleans National WWII Museum. Immerse yourself in the recreated Battle of Bulge, Bataan Death March, the D-Day landing at Normandy and other WWII’s decisive moments.
  3. Madi Gras Carnival
    Madi Gras is a carnival that takes place in New Orleans on a Tuesday before the Ash Wednesday. The parade features thousands of people and can last for a whole week at times. You can take your time and stroll into Madi Gras World where you’ll see craftsmen and artists build and showcase their craft.
  4. The Old State Capital
    This Gothic-style castle overlooks the Mississippi River and is located in downtown Baton Rouge. The building houses Louisiana’s political history museum that showcases documents, artifacts, and an array of interactive exhibits. A 4-D presentation is available for visitors to learn the history of the building and its significance in Louisiana’s politics.
  5. Veterans Memorial and USS Kidd
    The decommissioned WWII warship serves as a veteran’s memorial. It is located in the city of Baton Rouge. Tourists are allowed to aboard USS Kidd and explore the interiors. USS Kidd has been featured in many TV productions and movies.

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